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Our Policys

Terms and conditions:

  • 1. Wall tiles, flooring, etc. is excluded from our scheme hence these should be fitted by the customer before the beginning of modification of kitchen by Simplifyart workers.
  • 2. Kitchen will be delivered in 4 weeks after the flooring; tiling is done by the customer.
  • 3.Granite and Korean countertop work will be charged extra as applicable.
  • 4. Any additional work outside of our scheme will be charged as well.
  • 5. Hobs, chimneys, sink, microwave, oven and other accessories are incorporated only on demand with additional charges.
  • Payment terms:

  • 1. 50% payment should be given in advance on the finalization of order.
  • 2. Next 45% payment should be done on the same day after delivery of the kitchen.
  • 3. Remaining 5% payment should be given on the same day after the installation of kitchen.